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Our Story

Paul and Monique met in 2013 at Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen. Their relationship started with long distance country calls and working beside each other on the stoves at some of the best restaurants in the world.

The story of Tarts de Feybesse was created in 2016 when expecting their first son and Paul was visiting for a few weeks from France. He created their iconic apple rose tart in Monique’s parents kitchen when just wanting to make a delicious tart for the family. When Monique arrived home, she immediately fell in love and proposed posting on her social media to test if it could garner any attention to sell directly through their personal platforms. Tarts de Feybesse was born through DMs and word of mouth, eventually being featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. It took a hiatus when raising their son and when Paul and Monique continued their restaurant path.

In March 2020, the year of COVID-19, Tarts de Feybesse was reborn in their Glen Cove Vallejo home as a way to bring sourdough levain to their community and neighbor’s door due to the shortage. They started with only 8 breads the first week, swearing that would be the maximum. It quickly turned into a complete pastry menu, selling out every day and in advance to the Bay Area clientele, staying true to French classic roots and creating pastries that are beautiful, modern, and most of all, delicious.

Tarts de Feybesse is steadily expanding with plans for a brick and mortar and currently offering private events as well as delivery.